Ode to the Blue and Yellow

Design Inspiration

The first time I designed this product, I was planning to create a pair of plain blue and white sneakers. I was not even thinking of adding any extra designs until I had a Eureka moment.  With so much negativity going on in our world, I felt it was important to turn it up a notch with a bright yellow sunflower that would put a smile on my face. I toyed with the idea of doing an all over print and then at the last minute I decided to add this photo to the tongue area of the shoe. This created excitement during the designing process. The initial plan was to design it for myself because I was not sure how people would feel about having a flower in such an inconspicuous spot.  I quickly changed my mind and published my sNix  (Nix’s sneakers)  to nixcpics.com after the positive feedback from family, friends and strangers. This color is definitely an eye-catcher. The deal was also sealed when I shared this design with my web developer who gave me rave reviews. Just thinking that this was just an experiment that is now available for customers to admire and purchase, leaves me with a feeling of excitement. I would like for you to have a “walking on cloud 9” experience.

My hope is that when you wear them,  the smiling sunflower will  look at you and elevate your mood. I’d like you to feel special and out of this world amazing.  Interestingly, I call  this color  galaxy blue because the original photo l took, gave me a galactic vibe. To create this hue, I used one of my photography gadgets (thanks to my hubby) and placed it in the path of a blue light to capture an  image. Adding the sunflower to the design, brought it back to earth because I was definitely ready for winter to be over. 

Refresh and Renew

Spring gives us a sense of freshness and renewal so it’s time to step out and be bold in our colors.

Spring gives us a sense of freshness and renewal so it’s time to step out and be bold in our colors. It’s time to enjoy the eye-catching, brain-stimulating, beautiful blooms and entertain our senses with the scent of vibrant blooms and Spring showers. Welcome Spring!

Another reason why I designed this pair of sneakers to honor my Alma Mater, the Convent of Mercy Academy also known as Alpha Academy. I feel as if these colors are a part of my DNA.  I had wonderful and dedicated teachers who made an impact on my educational journey.  Over the years, I remain committed to supporting Alpha, so please be on the lookout for my fundraising efforts in the Photos for A Cause category. The plan is to support ongoing projects that will benefit our little sisters and prepare them for a successful future.

 Blessed are the merciful : for they shall obtain mercy (Matthew 5:7 KJV).

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  1. This was truly an inspirational post. Thanks for sharing your creative process. Sometimes really special things emerge from small beginnings. Blessings sis 🙌🙌

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