Blue Sunday | Photo Story

I had no choice but to grab my camera… Even though it’s winter and the trees appear lifeless, they are still a part of an environment that shows life and that we are still allowed to have hope.

Blue Sky Inspiration

I title this image Blue Sunday because it was taken on a Sunday afternoon in December when the sky was so clear, blue and gorgeous. There is definitely an air of peace when you connect with nature. We somewhat eased our way into 2022, some of us with a little more anticipation than others.  It might not have been the typical NYE celebrations….not the usual fanfare… not the usual  excitement… some faced with unfortunate circumstances and continue to experience adjustments in their day to day activities since the Pandemic started in 2020. It was definitely the year of perfect vision because we saw the underbelly of some of the things that we thought were perfect. Reality pulled the rug from under our feet. Coupled with our experiences since then, some of us greeted this new year with hope or optimism while others with hesitation and despair. We hope that our tears will one day turn into joy, fears will  turn to fun or favor and the hopeful heart will stay the course and  share their positivity.

The world has drastically changed because of COVID-19. We remain in crisis mode due to lockdown and shortages. We had to find the means to thrive through this new norm which has affected the way we work and live. This has left some of us hopeless due to the air of uncertainty. Unfortunately, it is not yet over because we have seen that the COVID-19 Pandemic is still here and since the holidays, we are stuck with Omicron. We have the means to beat this but because of confusion and misinformation we are faced with moments of chaos and people continue to lose their loved ones. Our children are not spared. Mitigation of this deadly pandemic at times seems to be unattainable. 

Achieving Your Resolution with Focus

My hope is for us to get back on track and ride the waves of this “new world.”  We should try to embrace resilience as we navigate our way through these insurmountable-like periods of our lives. We should not lose focus and find a way to look at the bigger picture. We have to keep on living our lives in the safest ways possible, without harming ourselves or others. If you want to achieve your educational, entrepreneurial, health and wellness goals, please take the first step and proceed until you get to the finish line.  If you have already started a project or plan on it, remain determined. Complacency will not take you to your end point. Procrastination will steal your time. If things are not going as planned, do not give up. Return to the drawing board and take into consideration what’s going on in your surroundings.  

It has been almost 2 years since the beginning of the pandemic. It started in 2020,  2021 was kind of a blur so now it’s time to find our focus in 2022. If you took a detour, it’s time to make it to your final destination and ignore the distractions. You may also want to consider tapping into your network of friends and support systems. Look beyond the noise, resist temptation to quit and don’t give up on your goals. You will get the rewards and results because you deserve it. Sometimes we have to adjust our focus to get a sharper image in order to achieve the desired resolution. Continue to aim high to accomplish your dreams… Sky is the limit…

Remember to Look Up

At the end of 2021 while outdoors, I found myself looking at the sky and saw the most beautiful and bluest imagery that was so vibrant. I had no choice but to grab my camera and I took several shots. I wanted to show the contrast between the blue sky and the splash of white clouds in relation to the leafless branches. Even though it’s winter and the trees appear lifeless, they are still a part of an environment that shows life and that we are still allowed to have hope. I was so fascinated by this image I decided to print it on canvas. I will consider creating other products with this photo, but for now, the canvas version is my top choice.

10 thoughts on “Blue Sunday | Photo Story”

  1. This is such a beautiful blog and picture. The sky is definitely blue and clear especially for a December day. Continue to see the beauty you always saw through your lenses. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Love your work.

  2. Such A Beautiful Message and Image. Simple, yet truthful! If this time has taught me anything it is to enjoy the simple things in life. You are such an inspiration honored to call you my friend.

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