Bringing Jamaican Vibes to the World

Jamaica: Out of Many, One People

In celebration of Jamaica’s sixtieth year of Independence and the success of its athletes during the recently concluded World Championships where they were scorching up the tracks, I thought it fitting to bring attention to one of my recent designs to highlight the significance of the Jamaican vibe. Jamaica is the largest English-speaking Caribbean Island, with a population of approximately 2.8 million people. It is a melting pot of cultures, creating one unmistakable and remarkable Jamaican culture. This rings true to the meaning of our motto, “Out of Many One People” where most Jamaicans are descendants of Africa, but you will also find members of the population with European, Chinese, East Indian and Middle Eastern ancestry. 

Likkle But Tallawah

This is why this little island in the sun is referred to as “likkle but tallawah” which means it is small in size but strong and powerful.

This little place called Jamaica has 14 parishes and three counties. It is only 146 miles long, from Negril Point to Morant Point – that’s basically from one end to the next. Jamaica has already made its mark on the world stage with invaluable contributions, even before gaining Independence on August 6th 1962. The arts, the culture, historic figures, beauty queens, sought after and award-winning food and products. The delightful cuisine with unmistakable aroma and flavor that will make your taste buds come alive. The National dish is ackee and saltfish but you will also be enticed by jerk chicken and curried goat which can be paired with rice and peas and other signature dishes. Jamaica has produced world leading scientists and medical professionals, sweet Reggae music and a dancehall culture that has influenced and given birth to many of today’s popular music genres. Jamaica is well known for producing world famous musicians and dance moves and yet again, Jamaica continues to cement itself in the sports arena with superstar athletes who continue to impress the world with talent, poise and grace. The pot-cover loving cheerleaders are here to stay. This is why this little island in the sun is referred to as “likkle but tallawah” which means it is small in size but strong and powerful.

A Haven for Tourists Visiting Jamaica

Jamaica is also called the land of wood, water and sunshine. Surrounded by the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, it has lots of beautiful beaches, mountains, lush green hills with rivers coursing through its dense vegetation. Blue Mountain is world famous because of its coffee and Dunn’s River is another attraction, popular for its beautiful waterfall. This piece of nature’s paradise is a favorite among Jamaicans and tourists. The falls at Dunn’s River can be climbed, preferably with a guide, and at times, you can find a nice and relaxing spot on a rock where you can sit back and allow the powerful rush of water to give you a thorough massage.  It’s breathtaking! In the capital city of Kingston, you will find Devon House, Bob Marley Museum, National Gallery of Jamaica, Institute of Jamaica, African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica and the nucleus of track and field events, the National Stadium.  All parishes have something unique about them If it’s not a well-known spot, you are guaranteed to find other areas with Jamaica’s best kept secret and hidden gems. 

When you visit Jamaica and whenever Jamaicans get together, there is always a special vibe. It’s contagious!  Please try to get a window seat if you’re flying to Jamaica because once you see the land before touchdown, an inexplicable air of excitement takes over and then you get that irie feeling. In the words of Bob Marley, “everything is gonna be alright.” 

When you taste the food, listen and dance to the music, learn about the music, the arts, the culture, our athletes and scholars you will feel the superpower of this small dot on the world map.

The Jamaican Vibe collection was created to inspire you to feel the rich energy of a small nation of vibrant, proud and strong people. I also designed items to celebrate Jamaica 60.  So, just stop, shop… and feel the vibe. Let’s celebrate all month long with a “jamaica60” coupon code valid for 10% off through August.

Jamaica, Montego Bay sign
Jamaican Vibes Ceramic Mug 11oz

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  1. I’m definitely feeling the vibes through this amazing photo. The colors are so vibrant and I can feel the photographers love for this place just by looking at this awesome place.

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