Create Your Wellness Space

It is necessary to embrace the things that have the power to heal your heart, uplift your mood, welcome positivity and find your happy place.

The Need for Wellness Space

The pandemic started in 2020 and some of us thought it would have been almost over by now. Some are still suffering from the loss of loved ones and the drastic changes in our daily lives. We had to find something to keep us going. We all needed and still need something to comfort us, something to make us feel balanced. Our wellness does not only rely on the absence of diseases but all the other dimensions must remain intact for us to thrive. Some of us had to rediscover our inner strength or dig deeply into ourselves to find optimism.

Lean Into Your Hobbies

Suddenly, I found myself with a little extra time on my hands because it was no longer business as usual.  I did the unthinkable and co-authored a book. Unthinkable because I never considered myself a writer. I thought I had nothing much to contribute but decided to give it a try. Once I got started, the flood gates of thoughts came my way, and writing a chapter in the book, “Navigating A Triple Pandemic”, became a reality. It was also necessary to lean on my hobbies and tap into my creativity.

Find Your Happy Place

Photography is one of my hobbies. It gives me the freedom to feel a connection with nature. I have always taken pictures for as long as I can recall but suddenly my camera became more of a sidekick. In 2020, I captured so many images and one of my favorites is a picture of a Mexican Sunflower.  This plant was given to me as a gift during the Spring of the same year. It had an unassuming appearance. It did not even look like a plant that would have produced such vibrant blooms. They were so fiery, they brought joy to my backyard and every day I would capture the blossoms in various stages of development.  I was injected with an extra dose of happiness and so it became my theme, hence the flower-shaped dot for my logo. I was so fascinated that I printed a few copies months ago before I thought of starting  It is necessary to embrace the things that have the power to heal your heart, uplift your mood, welcome positivity, and find your happy place. Take time for yourself, connect with your hobby and create your very own wellness space.

Dr. Kijana Nix


Nix Direct Access Pediatrics

7 thoughts on “Create Your Wellness Space”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your joy and passion with us. The beauty that lies within you is shown through all your pictures, stories and words. Words cannot express the joy I feel when I look at your artwork and creation. Again thank you. And I’m truly honored to be part of your amazing journey.

  2. Dr. Tanya Edwards

    As always Dr. Nix you are such a thoughtful innovator! Always focusing on wellness of our Global Community from many Paradigms. I am so happy that the lovely Dr. Lisa Boynes-Sindass introduced us of course she is like-minded❤🙏🏾. Thanks so much for this very timely share…with the passing of my youngest Uncle Clarence Alfred Edwards ” Uncle Freddie” ❤❤🦁🙏🏾

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